Permission to fail- an open letter

“Whatever you are, be a good one”, so said Abe Lincoln. People say that’s easier said… and it’s true because getting good takes a lot of trying things out by yourself, a lot of learning, and a lot of risk in taking failure.

Around this time of year in South Africa is when all sorts of youth talk come around. And the old folks calling us lost and trying to nudge us into the boxes that they think we should fit.

But we are young, the envy of gods, and we are rebels of our own cause – a far cry from the collective-cause of the 70s youth. What this means for a society that is becoming more and more individualistic is that we own our successes as much as we own our failures.

Although it is more accustomed of us to to show rather than tell: I’m keen to share with you a rather personal story, I’m still somewhat underwhelmed with my accomplishments so far regarding the goals I have set for the day I turn 25, but in my experiences I’ve come to realize that naivety is one of youth’s finest qualities. It enables us to disregard the odds and carries us forward when common sense would not. It sets apart wise men from the fools that changed the world, for good or worse.

My brethren, I have been long at this keyboard and wish to close off this letter with our beloved mantra: make love, art, and live free.

May you spirits stay forever young.